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Web Design

What goes into a good piece of web design? What is a wireframe and do you actually need it? Does your site require an SSL certificate? How long does it take to create a website? What are the differences between the front end and what you see as a final result, versus the backend black magic? Where does most of the work happen and how much work actually goes into a site?

wireframe example
Wireframe Example

The ads that tell you it’s so simple to create your own website with one or two clicks miss out a few key factors for you to consider. It’s not all about the look, but of course UX is important (what is UX you ask?) as is the optimization of pretty much everything. Yes. We MEAN everything (there are things to be optimized you’d never imagine). How do you get all that sorted? How do you check if what you have is done properly?

We can help you implement SEO practices into your business strategy. If you have a webpage that is not on the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), then very few people will view your content, find your brand, and learn about your products or services. Our job is to make sure that your conversion rate is high and your bounce rate is low. Do you have questions about all of this? We have the answers. Let's chat about it.

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