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Social Media

We’re a visually driven society. That's a fact.

Everywhere around us we’re constantly bombarded by amazing visuals, catchy taglines, colourful banners and interesting feeds. It may sound silly, but the truth is that it sells, and that’s not going to change until the next time we evolve without eyes. Until then, the better ad will get the worm, and we want you to be a part of this success. What's the best way to plan a social media marketing campaign? How do you target your clients and what are the most strategic and easy ways to do this? ARE there easy ways? Are there shortcuts? How does one create a feed to be proud of and how much does it really impact the average consumer?

Blanq & Co. Social Media

There's as many questions to be answered here as there are Kardashian scandals, and we’re here to get you #trending.

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