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Logo Design

There are some logos and in turn, typefaces, that have surpassed time and our turbulent modern history. You’ll never be asking whose logo that is when you see the double C of CHANEL house, and of course you’ll know the Coca-Cola red and the swish of NIKE, but what are the names of these fonts and more importantly, do they matter? How does a curve or line reflect the mindspace that a brand is trying to impart in its message? Is there a deeper reason why we collectively throw a fit when a smartphone icon changes design (Instagram, we’re looking at you).

Blanq & Co. Logo Design

Some logos become outdated quickly while others stand the test of time and inspire movements and lifestyles; let us tell you why we equate a bitten apple to the highest form of elegance and good design and what separates these cultural successes from the others and of course, how does one create them? Is it hard? Can you do it? Is the standard sacrificing a fortune for good design and is there a secret that some professionals know while others are left blundering and wasting money as they pivot every few years with new designs? Where does human psychology come into logo design and its longevity and have you ever considered how your taste in music, your personal likes and dislikes, and your favourite colour play into how your designer should approach the creation of your budding brand’s logo?

That’s a lot of questions to be answered and asked, and we have a few insights that will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

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