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Magdalena Wolak

I’m a seasoned Copy Editor, Writer, Photographer and Multi-Level Manager with a demonstrated successful history of working in marketing strategy, advertising, print, magazine content, design direction, copywriting, office management, staff recruitment, staff development and training, interior design, as well as media marketing industries.

Skilled in Writing, Content Creation, Marketing, Staff Management and Development, Photography, Business Planning and Advertising, I can help you take your company or personal business to the next level.

My scholarly background as a strong professional lies with Bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and Government and English from the University of Toronto, and diploma in Arts and Science from GBC.

Disclaimer to Creatives* (now that everyone’s been put to sleep by the typical credentials spiel).

I’d like to have a more edgy (read hilarious) summary but that’s like, alienating 90% of my target audience so just trust me, I pinky promise I’m the type of creative you’d like in your agency. 

Drop me a line.

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