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Magdalena Wolak

Managing Director

I’m curious. Just in general, about everything, I’ve always been curious about the processes of the connections people make, how they behave, what makes people love or hate something they see or hear for the first time.

First times matter so much. Impressions matter. I want to make that fantasy you’ve always wanted come to life, and make others see it too.

I write professionally and for pleasure, I edit and design print and online magazines and I practice professional photography because I hope it inspires others to see beauty in mundane things. I teach and manage small and large teams to be better and smarter and level up to their full potential. I do this because I’m curious.

I’m a seasoned Copy Editor, Writer, Photographer and Multi-Level Manager with a demonstrated successful history of working in print, magazine content, design direction, marketing strategy, copywriting, office management, staff recruitment, staff development and training, interior design, as well as media marketing industries.

Skilled in Writing, Content Creation, Marketing, Staff Management and Development, Photography, Business Planning and Advertising, I want to take your company or personal business to the next level; but only if you’re curious.

Who We Are

We are a team of photographers, designers, and creatives in love with composing the aesthetics of businesses and brands. Whether you've been around for a while and are seeking to dust off your business to re-illuminate your creative/company space, or you are a freshly launching entrepreneur who wants to hit the ground running and not worry about the look language and connection of your brand, but recognizes its importance, we are here to take that vision from its blank slate and delight your audience and clients with your work.


For most marketing and branding strategies, there’s a disconnect between the depth of research and analysis the marketing team does in order to craft you the perfect ad campaign, and the direct sales floor where those customers affected by the marketing come to experience and purchase your product. 


You spend exorbitant amounts on a team of professionals that gets to understand your audience, strategy and market, and moves on to the next project with a different brand. The sales team that deals with the after-shocks of any campaign is a key component of a successful strategy, and training them to understand what we’ve learned and the WHY behind each campaign is key. This will not only develop your team into more active participants of your brand, it will equip them with the knowledge to deal with specific customers, turning those people into committed clients. 


A knowledgeable unit is just as important as a valuable ad campaign, and BLANQ & CO. will teach your sales team what we know about your brand and how to recognize clients and strategy and turn those into revenue. 

Our Story
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